input package

Classes for providing external input to a network.

Exported members: BinomialFunction, PoissonGroup, PoissonInput, SpikeGeneratorGroup, TimedArray

binomial module

Implementation of BinomialFunction

Exported members: BinomialFunction


BinomialFunction(n, p[, approximate, name])

A function that generates samples from a binomial distribution.

poissongroup module

Implementation of PoissonGroup.

Exported members: PoissonGroup


PoissonGroup(*args, **kw)

Poisson spike source

poissoninput module

Implementation of PoissonInput.

Exported members: PoissonInput


PoissonInput(target, target_var, N, rate, weight)

Adds independent Poisson input to a target variable of a Group.

spikegeneratorgroup module

Module defining SpikeGeneratorGroup.

Exported members: SpikeGeneratorGroup


SpikeGeneratorGroup(N, indices, times[, dt, ...])

A group emitting spikes at given times.

timedarray module

Implementation of TimedArray.

Exported members: TimedArray


TimedArray(values, dt[, name])

A function of time built from an array of values.