Group class

(Shortest import: from brian2 import Group)

class*args, **kw)[source]

Bases: VariableOwner, BrianObject


custom_operation(*args, **kwds)

resolve_all(identifiers, run_namespace[, ...])

Resolve a list of identifiers.

run_regularly(code[, dt, clock, when, ...])

Run abstract code in the group's namespace.

runner(*args, **kwds)


custom_operation(*args, **kwds)[source]
resolve_all(identifiers, run_namespace, user_identifiers=None, additional_variables=None)[source]

Resolve a list of identifiers. Calls Group._resolve for each identifier.

run_regularly(code, dt=None, clock=None, when='start', order=0, name=None, codeobj_class=None)[source]

Run abstract code in the group’s namespace. The created CodeRunner object will be automatically added to the group, it therefore does not need to be added to the network manually. However, a reference to the object will be returned, which can be used to later remove it from the group or to set it to inactive.

runner(*args, **kwds)[source]