synapses package

Package providing synapse support.

Exported members: Synapses

parse_synaptic_generator_syntax module

Exported members: parse_synapse_generator


handle_range(*args, **kwds)

Checks the arguments/keywords for the range iterator

handle_sample(*args, **kwds)

Checks the arguments/keywords for the sample iterator


Returns a parsed form of a synapse generator expression.

spikequeue module

The spike queue class stores future synaptic events produced by a given presynaptic neuron group (or postsynaptic for backward propagation in STDP).

Exported members: SpikeQueue


SpikeQueue(source_start, source_end)

Data structure saving the spikes and taking care of delays.

synapses module

Module providing the Synapses class and related helper classes/functions.

Exported members: Synapses


StateUpdater(*args, **kw)

The CodeRunner that updates the state variables of a Synapses at every timestep.

SummedVariableUpdater(*args, **kw)

The CodeRunner that updates a value in the target group with the sum over values in the Synapses object.

Synapses(*args, **kw)

Class representing synaptic connections.



SynapticPathway(*args, **kw)

The CodeRunner that applies the pre/post statement(s) to the state variables of synapses where the pre-/postsynaptic group spiked in this time step.

SynapticSubgroup(synapses, indices)

A simple subgroup of Synapses that can be used for indexing.


find_synapses(index, synaptic_neuron)


Returns a testing function corresponding to whether an index is in slice x.