Example: Brunel_Hakim_1999


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Dynamics of a network of sparsely connected inhibitory current-based integrate-and-fire neurons. Individual neurons fire irregularly at low rate but the network is in an oscillatory global activity regime where neurons are weakly synchronized.


“Fast Global Oscillations in Networks of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons with Low Firing Rates” Nicolas Brunel & Vincent Hakim Neural Computation 11, 1621-1671 (1999)

from brian2 import *

N = 5000
Vr = 10*mV
theta = 20*mV
tau = 20*ms
delta = 2*ms
taurefr = 2*ms
duration = .1*second
C = 1000
sparseness = float(C)/N
J = .1*mV
muext = 25*mV
sigmaext = 1*mV

eqs = """
dV/dt = (-V+muext + sigmaext * sqrt(tau) * xi)/tau : volt

group = NeuronGroup(N, eqs, threshold='V>theta',
                    reset='V=Vr', refractory=taurefr, method='euler')
group.V = Vr
conn = Synapses(group, group, on_pre='V += -J', delay=delta)
M = SpikeMonitor(group)
LFP = PopulationRateMonitor(group)


plot(M.t/ms, M.i, '.')
xlim(0, duration/ms)

plot(LFP.t/ms, LFP.smooth_rate(window='flat', width=0.5*ms)/Hz)
xlim(0, duration/ms)