Example: IF_curve_LIF


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Input-Frequency curve of a IF model.

Network: 1000 unconnected integrate-and-fire neurons (leaky IF) with an input parameter v0. The input is set differently for each neuron.

from brian2 import *

n = 1000
duration = 1*second
tau = 10*ms
eqs = '''
dv/dt = (v0 - v) / tau : volt (unless refractory)
v0 : volt
group = NeuronGroup(n, eqs, threshold='v > 10*mV', reset='v = 0*mV',
                    refractory=5*ms, method='exact')
group.v = 0*mV
group.v0 = '20*mV * i / (n-1)'

monitor = SpikeMonitor(group)

plot(group.v0/mV, monitor.count / duration)
xlabel('v0 (mV)')
ylabel('Firing rate (sp/s)')