GSLStateUpdater class

(Shortest import: from brian2.stateupdaters.GSL import GSLStateUpdater)

class brian2.stateupdaters.GSL.GSLStateUpdater(integrator)[source]

Bases: StateUpdateMethod

A statupdater that rewrites the differential equations so that the GSL generator knows how to write the code in the target language.

Added in version 2.1.


__call__(equations[, variables, method_options])

Translate equations to abstract_code.


__call__(equations, variables=None, method_options=None)[source]

Translate equations to abstract_code.


equations : Equations

object containing the equations that describe the ODE systemTransferClass(self)

variables : dict

dictionary containing str, Variable pairs


method : callable

Method that needs to be called with StateUpdater to add CodeObject class and some other variables so these can be sent to the CodeGenerator