monitors package

Base package for all monitors, i.e. objects to record activity during a simulation run.

Exported members: SpikeMonitor, EventMonitor, StateMonitor, PopulationRateMonitor

ratemonitor module

Module defining PopulationRateMonitor.

Exported members: PopulationRateMonitor


PopulationRateMonitor(*args, **kw)

Record instantaneous firing rates, averaged across neurons from a NeuronGroup or other spike source.

spikemonitor module

Module defining EventMonitor and SpikeMonitor.

Exported members: EventMonitor, SpikeMonitor


EventMonitor(*args, **kw)

Record events from a NeuronGroup or another event source.

SpikeMonitor(*args, **kw)

Record spikes from a NeuronGroup or other spike source.

statemonitor module

Exported members: StateMonitor


StateMonitor(*args, **kw)

Record values of state variables during a run

StateMonitorView(monitor, item)