update_for_cross_compilation function

(Shortest import: from brian2.codegen.cpp_prefs import update_for_cross_compilation)

brian2.codegen.cpp_prefs.update_for_cross_compilation(library_dirs, extra_compile_args, extra_link_args, logger=None)[source]

Update the compiler arguments to allow cross-compilation for 32bit on a 64bit Linux system. Uses the provided logger to print an INFO message and modifies the provided lists in-place.


library_dirs : list

List of library directories (will be modified in-place).

extra_compile_args : list

List of extra compile args (will be modified in-place).

extra_link_args : list

List of extra link args (will be modified in-place).

logger : BrianLogger, optional

The logger to use for the INFO message. Defaults to None (no message).