spatialneuron package

Exported members: Morphology, Soma, Cylinder, Section, SpatialNeuron

morphology module

Neuronal morphology module. This module defines classes to load and build neuronal morphologies.

Exported members: Morphology, Section, Cylinder, Soma


Children(owner) Helper class to represent the children (sub trees) of a section.
Cylinder(**kwds) A cylindrical section.
Morphology(**kwds) Neuronal morphology (tree structure).
MorphologyIndexWrapper(morphology) A simpler version of IndexWrapper, not allowing for string indexing (Morphology is not a Group).


Section(**kwds) A section (unbranched structure), described as a sequence of truncated cones with potentially varying diameters and lengths per compartment.
Soma(**kwds) A spherical, iso-potential soma.
SubMorphology(morphology, i, j) A view on a subset of a section in a morphology.
Topology(morphology) A representation of the topology of a Morphology.

spatialneuron module

Compartmental models. This module defines the SpatialNeuron class, which defines multicompartmental models.

Exported members: SpatialNeuron


FlatMorphology(morphology) Container object to store the flattened representation of a morphology.
SpatialNeuron([morphology, model, …]) A single neuron with a morphology and possibly many compartments.
SpatialStateUpdater(group, method, clock[, …]) The CodeRunner that updates the state variables of a SpatialNeuron at every timestep.
SpatialSubgroup(source, start, stop, morphology) A subgroup of a SpatialNeuron.