Source code for brian2.importexport.importexport

Module defining the `ImportExport` class that enables getting state variable
data in and out of groups in various formats (see `Group.get_states` and

import abc
from abc import abstractmethod

[docs]class ImportExport(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta): """ Class for registering new import/export methods (via static methods). Also the base class that should be extended for such methods (`ImportExport.export_data`, `ImportExport.import_data`, and `` have to be overwritten). See Also -------- VariableOwner.get_states, VariableOwner.set_states """ #: A dictionary mapping import/export methods names to `ImportExport` objects methods = dict()
[docs] @staticmethod def register(importerexporter): """ Register a import/export method. Registered methods can be referred to via their name. Parameters ---------- importerexporter : `ImportExport` The importerexporter object, e.g. an `DictImportExport`. """ if not isinstance(importerexporter, ImportExport): t = str(type(importerexporter)) error_msg = ( f"Given importerexporter of type {t} does not seem to " "be a valid importerexporter." ) raise ValueError(error_msg) name = if name in ImportExport.methods: raise ValueError( f"An import/export methods with the name '{name}'" "has already been registered" ) ImportExport.methods[name] = importerexporter
[docs] @staticmethod @abstractmethod def export_data(group, variables): """ Asbtract static export data method with two obligatory parameters. It should return a copy of the current state variable values. The returned arrays are copies of the actual arrays that store the state variable values, therefore changing the values in the returned dictionary will not affect the state variables. Parameters ---------- group : `Group` Group object. variables : list of str The names of the variables to extract. """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] @staticmethod @abstractmethod def import_data(group, data): """ Import and set state variables. Parameters ---------- group : `Group` Group object. data : dict_like Data to import with variable names. """ raise NotImplementedError()
@property @abc.abstractmethod def name(self): """ Abstract property giving a method name. """ pass