Source code for brian2.only

A dummy package to allow wildcard import from brian2 without also importing
the pylab (numpy + matplotlib) namespace.

Usage: ``from brian2.only import *``

# To minimize the problems with imports, import the packages in a sensible
# order

# The units and utils package does not depend on any other Brian package and
# should be imported first
from brian2.units import *
from brian2.utils import *
from brian2.core.tracking import *
from brian2.core.names import *
from brian2.core.spikesource import *

# The following packages only depend on something in the above set
from brian2.core.variables import linked_var
from brian2.core.functions import *
from brian2.core.preferences import *
from brian2.core.clocks import *
from brian2.equations import *

# The base class only depends on the above sets
from brian2.core.base import *

# The rest...
from import *
from brian2.core.magic import *
from brian2.core.operations import *
from brian2.stateupdaters import *
from brian2.codegen import *
from brian2.core.namespace import *
from brian2.groups import *
from brian2.groups.subgroup import *
from brian2.synapses import *
from brian2.monitors import *
from brian2.importexport import *
from brian2.input import *
from brian2.spatialneuron import *
from brian2.devices import set_device, get_device, device, all_devices, seed
import brian2.devices.cpp_standalone as _cpp_standalone

# preferences
import brian2.core.core_preferences as _core_preferences



[docs]def restore_initial_state(): ''' Restores internal Brian variables to the state they are in when Brian is imported Resets ``defaultclock.dt = 0.1*ms``, `BrianGlobalPreferences._restore` preferences, and set `BrianObject._scope_current_key` back to 0. ''' import gc prefs._restore() BrianObject._scope_current_key = 0 defaultclock.dt = 0.1*ms gc.collect()
# make the test suite available via brian2.test() from brian2.tests import run as test from brian2.units import __all__ as _all_units __all__ = [ 'get_logger', 'BrianLogger', 'std_silent', 'Trackable', 'Nameable', 'SpikeSource', 'linked_var', 'DEFAULT_FUNCTIONS', 'Function', 'implementation', 'declare_types', 'PreferenceError', 'BrianPreference', 'prefs', 'brian_prefs', 'Clock', 'defaultclock', 'Equations', 'Expression', 'Statements', 'BrianObject', 'BrianObjectException', 'Network', 'profiling_summary', 'scheduling_summary', 'MagicNetwork', 'magic_network', 'MagicError', 'run', 'stop', 'collect', 'store', 'restore', 'start_scope', 'NetworkOperation', 'network_operation', 'StateUpdateMethod', 'linear', 'exact', 'independent', 'milstein', 'heun', 'euler', 'rk2', 'rk4', 'ExplicitStateUpdater', 'exponential_euler', 'gsl_rk2', 'gsl_rk4', 'gsl_rkf45', 'gsl_rkck', 'gsl_rk8pd', 'NumpyCodeObject', 'WeaveCodeObject', 'CythonCodeObject', 'get_local_namespace', 'DEFAULT_FUNCTIONS', 'DEFAULT_UNITS', 'DEFAULT_CONSTANTS', 'CodeRunner', 'Group', 'VariableOwner', 'NeuronGroup', 'Subgroup', 'Synapses', 'SpikeMonitor', 'EventMonitor', 'StateMonitor', 'PopulationRateMonitor', 'ImportExport', 'BinomialFunction', 'PoissonGroup', 'PoissonInput', 'SpikeGeneratorGroup', 'TimedArray', 'Morphology', 'Soma', 'Cylinder', 'Section', 'SpatialNeuron', 'set_device', 'get_device', 'device', 'all_devices', 'seed', 'test', 'restore_initial_state' ] __all__.extend(_all_units)