Constant class

(Shortest import: from brian2.core.variables import Constant)

class brian2.core.variables.Constant(name, value, dimensions=Dimension(), owner=None)[source]

Bases: brian2.core.variables.Variable

A scalar constant (e.g. the number of neurons N). Information such as the dtype or whether this variable is a boolean are directly derived from the value. Most of the time Variables.add_constant should be used instead of instantiating this class directly.


name : str

The name of the variable

dimensions : Dimension, optional

The physical dimensions of the variable. Note that the variable itself (as referenced by value) should never have units attached.

value: reference to the variable value :

The value of the constant.

owner : Nameable, optional

The object that “owns” this variable, for constants that belong to a specific group, e.g. the N constant for a NeuronGroup. External constants will have None (the default value).


value The constant’s value


get_value() Return the value associated with the variable (without units).



The constant’s value


Return the value associated with the variable (without units). This is the way variables are accessed in generated code.