groups package

Package providing groups such as NeuronGroup or PoissonGroup.

group module

This module defines the Group object, a mix-in class for everything that saves state variables, e.g. NeuronGroup or StateMonitor.

Exported members: Group, CodeRunner


CodeRunner(group, template[, code, ...]) A “code runner” that runs a CodeObject every timestep and keeps a reference to the Group.
Group(*args, **kwds) Mix-in class for accessing arrays by attribute.
IndexWrapper(group) Convenience class to allow access to the indices via indexing syntax.
Indexing(group[, default_index]) Object responsible for calculating flat index arrays from arbitrary group- specific indices.


get_dtype(equation[, dtype]) Helper function to interpret the dtype keyword argument in NeuronGroup etc.

neurongroup module

This model defines the NeuronGroup, the core of most simulations.

Exported members: NeuronGroup


NeuronGroup(N, model[, method, threshold, ...]) A group of neurons.
Resetter(group) The CodeRunner that applies the reset statement(s) to the state variables of neurons that have spiked in this timestep.
StateUpdater(group, method) The CodeRunner that updates the state variables of a NeuronGroup at every timestep.
Thresholder(group) The CodeRunner that applies the threshold condition to the state variables of a NeuronGroup at every timestep and sets its spikes and refractory_until attributes.

poissongroup module

Exported members: PoissonGroup


PoissonGroup(*args, **kwds) Poisson spike source

spikegeneratorgroup module

Module defining SpikeGeneratorGroup.

Exported members: SpikeGeneratorGroup


SpikeGeneratorGroup(*args, **kwds) A group emitting spikes at given times.

subgroup module

Exported members: Subgroup


Subgroup(source, start, stop[, name]) Subgroup of any Group