Known issues

In addition to the issues noted below, you can refer to our bug tracker on GitHub.

Cannot find msvcr90d.dll

If you see this message coming up, find the file PythonDir\Lib\site-packages\numpy\distutils\ and modify the line msvcr_dbg_success = build_msvcr_library(debug=True) to read msvcr_dbg_success = False (you can comment out the existing line and add the new line immediately after).

“Missing compiler_cxx fix for MSVCCompiler”

If you keep seeing this message, do not worry. It’s not possible for us to hide it, but doesn’t indicate any problems.

Problems with numerical integration

In some cases, the automatic choice of numerical integration method will not be appropriate, because of a choice of parameters that couldn’t be determined in advance. In this case, typically you will get nan (not a number) values in the results, or large oscillations. In this case, Brian will generate a warning to let you know, but will not raise an error.