Releasing a new version of Brian

TODO: This needs more info about the basic process

Authentification tokens

The test servers will automatically upload new conda packages to our channel at To do this, travis.yml and appveyor.yml contain an encrypted version of an authentification token. To generate a token, you need to be a member of the brian-team organization and have the anaconda-client package installed (alternatively, you can create a token on the website).

To create the token, run:

anaconda auth -c -o brian-team -n brian-team-token -s "repos conda api"


Do not share the generated token, it servers as a username + password replacement and could be used to upload/delete/modify packages in our channel.

Now, encrypt the generated token for inclusing in travis.yml and appveyor.yml.

Encryption for travis

More information:

First, install the travis CLI tool, if you do not already have it.

gem install travis

Then, navigate into your brian2 working copy (i.e. your checked out git repository), and run:

travis encrypt BINSTAR_TOKEN="...your token..."

Copy the returned secure: .... line into travis.yml (into the env: global section at the top).

Encryption for appveyor

Log into appveyor using the brianteam team account and navigate to the “Encrypt data” website (will automatically ask you to log in if you are not):

Paste in the token returned by anaconda auth earlier (just the token, not BINSTAR_TOKEN=...)

Add the encrypted value to appveyor.yml (into the environment: BINSTAR_TOKEN section at the top).