groups package

Package providing groups such as NeuronGroup or PoissonGroup.

group module

This module defines the Group object, a mix-in class for everything that saves state variables, e.g. NeuronGroup or StateMonitor.

Exported members: Group, CodeRunner


CodeRunner(group, template[, code, ...]) A “code runner” that runs a CodeObject every timestep and keeps a reference to the Group.
Group(*args, **kwds) Mix-in class for accessing arrays by attribute.
IndexWrapper(group) Convenience class to allow access to the indices via indexing syntax.
Indexing(group[, default_index]) Object responsible for calculating flat index arrays from arbitrary group- specific indices.


get_dtype(equation[, dtype]) Helper function to interpret the dtype keyword argument in NeuronGroup etc.

neurongroup module

This model defines the NeuronGroup, the core of most simulations.

Exported members: NeuronGroup


NeuronGroup(N, model[, method, threshold, ...]) A group of neurons.
Resetter(group[, when, order, event]) The CodeRunner that applies the reset statement(s) to the state variables of neurons that have spiked in this timestep.
StateUpdater(group, method) The CodeRunner that updates the state variables of a NeuronGroup at every timestep.
Thresholder(group[, when, event]) The CodeRunner that applies the threshold condition to the state variables of a NeuronGroup at every timestep and sets its spikes and refractory_until attributes.

subgroup module

Exported members: Subgroup


Subgroup(source, start, stop[, name]) Subgroup of any Group